1. Merit

At Indus University, admissions are granted strictly on merit subject to clearance of personal interview and considerations like quotas or reservation of seats do not exist. Candidates belonging to any area, class, caste or creed and clan are eligible for admission provided they qualify. The only condition for admission is selection on merit. Admission tests are administered to ensure induction of those students who possess scholastic abilities and good moral character.

2. Selection Committee

The Vice Chancellor and respective Deans of Faculties will constitute “Admission Selection Committee” (ASC). The ASC will also co-opt three to five full time or adjunct faculty members. ASC is responsible to ensure that total admission process is managed in a right, just, and professional manner. As and when convened as per their convenience, the Vice Chancellor or Dean may Chair ASC meetings. However, in their absence, any designated senior Faculty Member shall preside the ASC meeting.

3. Admission Management

The Dean or a faculty member designated by the Dean will coordinate the entire admission process. Dean or his designated official will supervise the functions of Admissions Office, provide counselling services, respond to phone queries and postal inquires as well as the visitors, and manage promotional campaigns in media & institutions.

4. Applicant’s Evaluation

In evaluating application or any prospective candidate for admission to any INDUS UNIVERSITY program, Admission Officers will seek to make a sound judgment about applicant’s ability vis-à-vis the curricula. This will involve the techniques of finding out the suitability of the specific curricula of Management, Sciences and Technology to interests and capacities of the applicants.

5. Admission Procedure

ASC will decide the criteria for admission, the number of seats, the schedule of interviews and exemption/s in course/s and admission test. If required the foundation courses will be arranged by ASC. On recommendations of the ASC, the admission list will be finally approved by the Vice Chancellor / Dean. The Admission Officers will intimate the selected candidates.

a. Public Announcement

ASC will announce opening of admissions through selected sources of Public Information Systems / Press / Radio & TV

b. Information

Prospective applicants will be provided necessary information through a Brochure on various features of Educational Programmes along with prescribed Application Form which can be obtained on payment of necessary charges, from Admission Officer of the Indus University. All interested to join INDUS UNIVERSITY are required to apply on the prescribed Application Form and the documents listed below have to be submitted along with the Application Form.

  • Secondary School Certificate / SSC (or its equivalent) in original, with one attested photocopy. If original SSC has not been issued by the respective Board, then original provisional certificate by the Board be shown to Admission Officer (AO) with an understanding that the original SSC will also be shown to (AO) (and copy provided) as and when issued by the Board.
  • Attested copies of original or provisional certificates of Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), University degree, diploma or any other qualification attained by the candidate. Copies of all original certificates / documents be also shown to AO (and copies deposited) as and then received from the Board / University.

c. Personal Interview

The ASC will conduct interview of all the candidates for admissions. The purpose of interviewing prospective students is to assess their communication skills, knowledge, and potential as a business leader. The basic structure of the personal interview will be intimated to the prospective students at the time of submission of Admission Forms.

d. Foundation Courses

If needed, the students may be required to attend various foundation courses. Depending on the decision of ASC regarding the test / interview, the students may be required to attend some foundation courses. If required, a candidate may appear in test and interview after completion of foundation courses; or if the student is competent enough, he / she may be admitted directly to the program without attending any foundation course.

e. Admission List

On the basis of previous academic record, performance in interviews and foundation courses, the ASC will announce names of selected candidates in order of their merit. A waiting list may also be announced separately. All admission lists will be endorsed by the Dean of Faculty.

g. Conditional Admission

Candidates having below average academic records can be granted admission subject to the assurance that they will maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. This procedure is aimed at providing a chance to late comers and those who due to unfavourable circumstances and belonging to unprivileged area were not able to perform well in examinations. Provisional admission may also be granted to those applicants whose results are yet to be announced.

h. Grievances

All grievances regarding admission process and policy may be referred to the Chairman BOG, Vice Chancellor or Dean of the Department of Social Sciences.

Copy of the Documents / particular

  • Attested copies of secondary school certificate and mark sheet.
  • Attested copies of higher secondary school certificate and mark sheet from inter board.
  • Attested copies of Graduation Degree and mark sheet.
  • Attested copies of Masters Degree and mark sheet.
  • Ten colour passport size photographs (white back ground).
  • CNIC Copy of students & Parents/ Guardian.
  • Copies of the documents must be attested by Notary Public/ Oath Commissioner.