Indus University has always been taking part in community service by all possible means. For this, the student societies and management of Indus has always been engaged in organizing a number of events and other services to fulfill the responsibility of institutions towards the community.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Flood Affectees :

After the devastating flood of 2010 in Pakistan, INDUS employees contributed their one-day salary amounting to .06 million rupees. University fund .03milion Governor Sindh Fund to help the flood victims. Over 4000 individuals were rescued from perilous inundation and then shifted to safe places.

Contribution for the affectees of Tharparkar Drought :

Indusplex was an event organized by the students of Indus University Civil Society (IUCS). It was intended for fundraising to help fight against the drought of Thaparkar. Indusplex was a two day movie event held on March 26th and 27th 2014. The event had a twin purpose, entertainment as well as help for the sufferers of drought in Tharparkar. With the help of this event, IUCS was able to collect a small amount of donation to contribute in fulfilling the needs of these malnourished and dying people. The initiative taken by IUCS with support of the management shows the sense of sympathy and sensitivity to the condition of the sufferers. Indus aims to make every effort to help those who need it. Through this event, we somehow proved to be worthy about our aims.

Contribution for the affectees of Tharparkar Drought

100% scholarship policy for the children of martyrs of Armed Forces, Rangers, Police and all the people who have become victims of target killings in Karachi :

As a matter of fact, our beautiful homeland; Pakistan is going through hard times but her sincere citizens firmly believe in silver linings and also working day in and day out to overcome the existing challenges. In this context; a bold initiative has been taken by Indus University and 100% scholarships has been offered from intermediate level till Masters level for the children of martyrs of Armed Forces, Rangers, Police and all the people who have become victims of target killings.

100% Scholarship offer poster diaplayed at Expo Centre in an exhibition

Blood Donation awareness Seminar organized by Indus University in collaboration with Dow University of Health Sciences :

A blood donation awareness seminar was organized by Indus University with the support of Dow University of Health Sciences. The basic aim of organizing the program was to create an understanding that the needy should get blood without facing any problem in hospitals. The students from all departments running the umbrella of Indus University registered themselves in the blood donation club of DUHS as an act of their dedication to save humanity and save life. Dr. Zainab Mukhtar, Blood Safety Consultant at Dow University of Health Sciences, stated that such programs will remain a regular feature of our institutions to boost voluntary donation to meet the emergent demand of hospitals.

DUHS Team's information booth at Indus University

The National Accountability Bureau’s seminar :

The National Accountability Bureau is Pakistan's apex anti-corruption organization. It is charged with the responsibility of elimination of corruption through a holistic approach of awareness, prevention and enforcement. Indus University conducted an awareness session to generate awareness regarding some of the initiatives taken by NAB to halt corruption. The speakers shed light on the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Salient Features of this particular anti-corruption body but it is worthwhile sharing that NAB basically operate in terms of Prosecution, Investigation, Inquires and Recoveries. Thus we have high regards and support with NAB and we hope that it will continue to work for the betterment of Pakistan.

Visit to Edhi Child Home by Indus University’s Management, Faculty and Students :

Worthy Vice Chancellor of Indus University visited the Edhi Child Home on 14th August 2013 for presenting a donation cheque to the orphan kids residing there. He was accompanied by the faculty, staff and students of Indus. Course books, edibles and Pakistan flags were also distributed among the children by students of Indus. The unprivileged children also enjoyed fun activities with Indus Students and Management in order to celebrate Independence Day.

Vice Chancellor, Faculty, Students holding hands with the Edhi Child Home management to show unity and support

Hold Your Rights Workshop :

A session concerning individual rights was held at Indus University by the team of Hold Your Rights on 21st April 2014. The speaker Muhammad Wasif Khan, Marketing Director of Hold Your Right team shed light on motivational skills, leadership qualities, interactive activities, career counseling as well as community services which was indeed the sole purpose of the event in order to aware the students about their social responsibilities at University premises. The session also focused on enhancing thinking capabilities, grooming and polishing the innate skills of individuals, and making the students realize their role as a responsible citizen.

Hold your Rights Workshop

Rang De Basant carnival :

Rang de Basant carnival was a mega event organized by the students of Indus University Business Society. The event was based on the tradition of Basant followed by a musical concert. The purpose behind the event was to provide a platform of fun and entertainment for the students as well as fundraising for Edhi centre. 20% of the amount generated was donated to the Edhi trust to help the needy. Students and Management of Indus is equally responsible for fulfilling their responsibilities towards community and individuals as good citizens.

Rang De Basant carnival