Department Of Education :

Vision :

The program’s vision is to train and enhance the knowledge of the prospective teachers by introducing state-of-the-art Instructional Design, Models and Methods.

Mission Statement :

The B.Ed Program is aimed to equip the prospective teachers with the teaching methodology, program contents, assessment methods and curriculum development and also to create an enabling environment so the prospective teachers could learn best practices and understand the perspective of education in Pakistan.

Objectives :

    To handle the subject matter and its applications in the 21st century.

    To analyze the implications of teaching and learning processes.

    Develop the skills of the students.

    To identify the role of a prospective teacher in Community Development at large.

    To be familiar with the educational setup executed across the borders.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs
EDU(B)101 Perspective of Education in Pakistan 3
EDU(B)102 Educational Psychology and Guidance 3
EDU(B)103 School Organization and Management 3
EDU(B)104 Teaching of Urdu (Theory) 3
EDU(B)105 Teaching of Urdu (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)106 Teaching of Sindhi (Theory) 6
EDU(B)107 Teaching of Sindhi (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)108 Teaching of Islamiat (Theory) 3
EDU(B)109 Teaching of Islamiat (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)110 Teaching of Physics (Theory) 3
EDU(B)111 Teaching of Physics (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)112 Teaching of Chemistry (Theory) 3
EDU(B)113 Teaching of Chemistry (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)114 Teaching of Computer Science (Theory) 3
EDU(B)115 Teaching of Computer Science (Teaching Practical) 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs
EDU(B)201 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 3
EDU(B)202 Curriculum and Instruction 3
EDU(B)203 Islamic Education and Ideology of Pakistan 3
EDU(B)206 Teaching of Pakistan Studies (Theory) 3
EDU(B)207 Teaching of Pakistan Studies (Teaching Practical) 3
EDU(B)207 Teaching of Pakistan Studies (Teaching Practical 6
EDU(B)208 Teaching of General Science (Theory) 3
EDU(B)209 Teaching of General Science (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)210 Teaching of Mathematics (Theory) 3
EDU(B)211 Teaching of Mathematics (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)212 Teaching of Biology (Theory) 3
EDU(B)213 Teaching of Biology (Teaching Practical) 6
EDU(B)214 Teaching of English (Theory) 3
EDU(B)215 Teaching of English (Teaching Practical) 6
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs
EDU(M)101 Foundation of Education 3
EDU(M)102 Advanced Educational Psychology 3
EDU(M)103 Research & Stat. in Behavioral Science 3
EDU(M)104 Educational Planning & Development 3
EDU(M)105 Educational Administration & Supervision 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs
EDU(M)201 Testing & Evaluation in Education 3
EDU(M)202 Curriculum Planning & Development 3
EDU(M)203 Management in Education 3
EDU(M)204 Success & Self Development 3
EDU(M)205 Functional English 3
EDU(M)206 Thesis/Comprehensive Exams & Viva 6

Name : Dr. Aysha Ishrat Rizvi
Designation : Associate Professor/ Acting Dean
Qualification : PhD (Islamic Studies - UoK)
Email :

Dr. Aisha Ishrat Rizvi is Associate Professor. She holds PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi. Dr. Rizvi teaches Islamic Sharia and Islamic laws.

Name : Dr. Fozia Parveen
Designation : Assistant Professor
Email :

Dr. Fozia has completed her PhD in Urdu from Karachi University. She is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Education Department at Indus University.

Name : Mrs. Naila Ayaz
Designation : Lecturer
Email :

Ms. Naila is currently working as Lecturer in Department of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Indus University. She has acquired her academic credentials for B.A, M.A in (I R) B.Ed, M.Ed. She has worked as a senior teacher in MPS. She has also achieved certificate in the courses of computers and Language.

Name :Ms, Sadaf Ealia Akram
Designation : Lecturer
Email :

Ms. Sadaf Ealia Akram is currently working as Lecturer in Department of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences, Indus University, Karachi). She has acquired her academic credentials for B.Sc, B.Ed and M.Ed. Her areas of interests are teaching education, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Being a teacher, she has participated as a trainer in various workshops like Nourishing Creativity in students to achieve their goals in life and Classroom Management dealing with disruptive behaviors in classroom. She has developed research projects of electricity and Magnetism in Indus University.

Name : Ms, Ishrat Bano
Designation : Lecturer
Email :

Ms. Ishrat is currently working as an Assistant Lecturer in Department Of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Indus University. She has acquired her academic credentials for BS (Chemistry), B.Ed, and M.Ed. Her areas of interest are Education Management, Curriculum Development, Measurement and Evaluation, teaching Biology, Chemistry. She has also attended a number of sessions of workshop on Teachers Development, School Leadership and Management at Indus University. She has also attended online workshop—“How to Write Research Proposal”. She has done her thesis on “Alpha-Halogenations of Carbonyl Compounds”.

Board of Studies (Department of Education)

S.N    Member    Name
01 Chairperson of the Teaching Department Concerned    Dr. Aysha Ishrat Rizvi
02 All Professors and Associate Professors in the Teaching Department concerned
  • Dr. Muneer Ahmed Qureshi
  • Mrs. Shila devi
  • 03 University Teachers, other than Lecturer, to be appointed by the Academic Council
  • Mrs. Naila Ayaz
  • Mrs. Sajida Parveen
  • Ms,  Sadaf Ealia Akram
  • Ms,  Ishrat Bano
  • Ms,  Saima Naz