S.N Computer Laboratories Information, Science & Technology Labs Textile Science Labs Engineering Laboratories Fashion Design Labs
01 Operating System Lab Mechanical Workshop Spinning Lab Plant Telecommunication Lab Interior Lab
02 Software Engineering Lab Strength of Materials Spinning Lab Basic Communication Lab IPrinting Lab
03 Simulation and Modeling Lab Surveying Lab Spinning Testing Lab Digital Electronics Lab Draping Lab
04 VLSI Lab/ Software Development Lab Material Testing Lab (Concrete, Highway & Soil Mechanics) Weaving Lab Plant Analog Electronics Lab Drawing Lab
05 Visual Presentation, Graphic & Communication Design Lab Construction Lab Weaving Testing Lab Advanced Telecommunication Lab Computer Lab
06 Linux Lab Wet Processing Testing Lab Electrical Machines Lab Weaving Lab
07 Hardware Lab Wet Processing Lab Micro- Processor & PLC Lab Khaddi Lab
08 Finishing Lab Industrial Electronics Lab Dark Room
09 Dyeing Lab Control and Automation Lab Color Making Lab
10 Printing Lab Sewing Lab
11 Photography Lab
12 Spinning Lab