Our vision is to be one of the finest and premier institutions in the sphere of Art and Design. We are committed to transform students to creative and dynamic professionals.


The mission of the Faculty of Art and Design is to provide vibrant learning environment and training inspired by pragmatic research. Our faculty and staff are determined to prepare students to serve the needs of country and diverse community.


Contribute to existing body of knowledge in Art and Design.

Cultivate professional and scientific skills.

Develop innovative abilities and skills to solve problems in academia and society.

Build strong understanding of research projects.

Develop active liaison with professionals in industry.

Name : Dr. Raees Ahmed
Designation : Dean FAD
Qualification : Ph.D. (Textile University of Manchester)
Email :
Contact No : 111-400-300 ext. 118

The Faculty of Art & Design welcome you all. We are deeply committed to the noble cause of education and striving to produce talented Pakistani youth dedicated to the development of Science & Technology.

Our endeavour to create a community that is increasingly entrepreneurial and well-equipped with technology and cutting-edge courses are offered to give our students contemporary knowledge, skills and abilities thereby; unleashing their potential in today’s competitive environment. The students are also provided a learning atmosphere ranging from latest lab equipment’s, spacious classrooms to modern teaching aids so they could flourish in the best possible manner. It is the dire need of the hour that we should integrate teaching, innovation, creativity and interdisciplinary research so the higher education institution, being a responsible citizen could contribute to the welfare of the society and economy of the country.

Moreover, our aim is to provide resources to our young ones to develop and enhance their potential so they could leverage the image of their homeland. May Allah Bless and be with them to achieve their ultimate dreams!

Name : Dr. Raees Ahmed
Designation : Associate Professor & Dean FAD
Qualification : Ph.D (Textile University of Manchester)
Email :

Dr. Raees Ahmed is an Associate Professor and working as Chairperson of Department of Design. He has done Ph.D in Textile from University of Manchester and possess more than 30 years of teaching and research experience at Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) and other institutions.

Name : Sanam Gul
Designation : Chairperson & Lecturer
Qualification : MS (in progress - Indus University), MBA (HR -Dadabhoy), BBA (Marketing -Dadabhoy)
Email :

Ms. Sanam Gul is Chairperson & Lecturer of Department of Design. She holds Degree of BBA (Marketing) & MBA (HR). She has done different Certification Courses of Event Management, Assessment Skills and Marketing. She has 7 years of working experience in the education sector. She has worked in various Exhibitions and also participated in Seminars & Workshops.

Name : Iqbal Ahmed
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : BA (Architecture from NCA Lahore)
Email :

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed holds his Bachelor’s Degree from (NCA) National College Of Art,(equivalent to Master’s Degree) in Architecture. He has 10 years teaching experience in Architecture and has also participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences.

Name : Sana Naqvi
Designation : Lecturer Textile Design
Qualification : Bachelors in Textile Design
Email :

Ms. Sana holds a degree in Textile Design. She had been associated with the textile industry for last 5 years. She has worked in various organizations such as Gul Ahmed, Shariq Textiles and Nippon Paint Pakistan. And now she has opted to teach and incorporate her industrial exposure with academics.

Name : Tahira Hamid Ali
Designation : lecturer
Qualification : MS in Design Marketing and Merchandising
Email :

Ms Tahira Hamid Ali is a MS in Design Marketing and Merchandising and Bachelor’s in Textile Design (honor’s) from Asian Institute of Fashion Design, (AIFD, IQRA, University). She has a year long teaching experience in Textile designing and print making and has worked for Gul Ahmed, Al_zohaib textiles, Tawakkal fabrics and many others brands and now working as free lance textile designer as well. Overall she is one of the most competent and energetic faculty members of Indus University.

Name : Summaiya Azhar
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : BE (Architecture in NED University
Email :

Ms. Summaiya Azher is a lecturer in the faculty of Interior Design Department. She holds a degree of Bachelors of Architecture and Planning from NED university. She has also worked as a designer for 2 years in the field of Interior designing. She has attended a lot of workshops and seminars related to the field.

Name : Qanita Tarique
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : BS (in Architecture, (MUET Jamshoro)
Email :

Ms. Qanita Tarique holds her Bachelor’s Degree from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro (MUET) in Architecture. She has worked in a Reputable Firm Arch Vision plus Karachi and has also participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences.

Name : Irfan ul Haq
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : MS in Media Science (Iqra University)
Email :

Irfanulhaq holds MS in Media Science from Iqra University. He is working in Dawn news/dawn images for the past 4 years as a lifestyle editor/reporter worked in many places fashion diet /soft look / magazines continuously working in fashion Pakistan week/bridal couture week since 2012 -2016 , has own celebrity base blog site , doing fashion/media coordinator for creative ideas PR company, now working with Mimdmap as a senior content manager.

Name : Mr. Satia Anand
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : B.Arch (in Architecture, (MUET Jamshoro)
Email :

Mr. Satia Anand holds his Bachelor’s Degree from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro (MUET) in Architecture & Currently doing his Mater’s education from NED in Architecture. He has worked in a Reputable Firm Collaborative Design Karachi and has also participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences. He is also member of PCATP (Pakistan Council of architects and Town Planners Pakistan.)

Name : Mr. Salman Mateen
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : B.Arch (in Architecture, (MUET Jamshoro)
Email :

Mr. Salman Mateen holds his Bachelor’s Degree from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro (MUET) in Architecture& Currently doing his Mater’s education from NED in Architecture. He has worked in Architecture Firms in Karachi and has also participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences. He is also member of PCATP (Pakistan Council of architects and Town Planners Pakistan) & IAP (Institute of Architects Pakistan).

Name : Ms. Iqra Ayoub
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : B.Arch (Bachelor’s in Architecture from MUET)
Email :

Architect Iqra Ayoub has done B. Arch (Bachelor’s in Architecture) from Mehran university of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro (2014). During her studies she did internships for one month in well reputed industries NES PAK. She has worked as an Architect with Progressive Engineers (Consultant, Builders, Developers and Property Advisor) for 2 Years and has done many interior Projects on Different Location in DHA.

Name : Anadil Ali
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : Bachelor's in Fashion Design (AIFD)
Email :

Ms. Anadil Ali holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design from AIFD (Iqra University). She has been working in Fashion Industry for last 4 years in different well known Brands including Black & White couture and Wahaj M Khan Designs. She has a vast experience in managing fashion shows back stage.

Name : Sabrina Iqbal
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : Bachelor’s in Fashion Design (AIFD))
Email :

Ms Sabrina holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Asian institute of fashion design (AIFD). She has also worked with Khaadi. She has an experience of different fashion weeks in Karachi including Karachi fashion week, Bridal couture week etc.

Name : Dur-e- Shahwar
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : Bachelor’s (in Fashion Design, Indus University)
Email :

Ms Dur-e-Shehwar holds Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design (BFD) From Indus University, Karachi . She has also worked as Teacher Assistant at Indus University and has done internship at Idrees Boutique .and also work in the project of Gloria textile mill.

Name : Sidra Kanwal
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : Bachelor’s in(Fashion Design, Indus University), Ms Design Marketing and Merchandising in process (Indus University)
Email :

Ms Sidra kanwal holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Indus University (IU). She has also done her internship with RizwanUllah and Yosuf Bashi Qureshi. She has prior experience of working as a teacher assistant in Indus University and experience of Saarc fashion show and Fashion Pakistan week.

Name : Amna hashmi
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : Bachelors in textile design
Email :

MS Amna hashmi holds bachelor’s degree in textile design BTD from CEAD MUET jamshoro and also worked in indus university and she has an experience of external in CEAD MUET jamshoro.and attend workshops related to textile print techniques.

Name : Saadia Saeed
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : Bachelors in Textile Design (Dept. of Visual studies,UoK)
Email :

An enthusiastic design graduate from the dept. of Visual Studies, Uni. of Karachi; with particular experience in academics and textile design.Presently working as Product Development manager at FLAIRE,visiting lecturer at AIFD. Have worked at Karachi School of Art as permanent faculty and with various NGO's for skill development projects/ freelance projects.

Name : Yasmeen Sarwer
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : BA (Textile Design in Islamic University, Bahawalpur)
Email :

Ms. Yasmeen Sarwer is working here since last eight years, she has graduated in 1978 from Islamic University. Bahawalpur and has got different diploma certificates in Dyeing, Printing, Textile Designing, Screen Exposing, Screen Printing, Silk Painting, Textile Printing, Fabric Painting, and Basic Cosmetology.

Name : Syed Imtiaz Hussain
Designation : Lecturer/ Coordinator
Qualification : BS Media Science(Advertisement) IQRA UNIVERSITY
Email :

Mr. Syed Imtiaz Hussain holds his Bachelor’s Degree from IQRA UNIVERSITU (IU) in Media Science major Advertisement. He has worked in both Electronic and Print media and he worked in various commercial documentaries and shot film, he has also worked in advertising agency as account manager, conduct many workshops and events. He is also member of emax production.

Name : Syed Zeeshan Haider
Designation : Instructor
Qualification : B.Tech (in in Fashion Photography, skill Development Council)
Email :

Mr Zeeshan Haide holds Diplomna in Fashion Photography from skill Development Council. He has worked at various exhibitions and fashion shows as a Photgrapher. And is now currently working as a Instructor in Art and Design department of Indus University.

Board of Faculty (BOF):

01 Dr. Raees Ahmed   Inchair
02 Ms. Sana Gul
  • Chairperson
  • 03 Mr. Aamyre Tariq(Fashion/Textile)
  • Expert  from M/s. Creative Head at Kapray (Clothing Brand)
  • 04 Mr. Fahad Shams  (Interior /Architecture)
  • Expert  from M/s. Senior Lecturer at Mehran University Engineering & Technology
  • 05 Ms. Tehmina Lodhi  (Media Science)
  • Expert  from M/s. Head of Media Science Department &Principal at Beconhouse College
  • 06 Lecturer:  Ms.  Dure Shahwar
  • Faculty Member of Fashion Design
  • 07 Lecturer: Ms. Tahira Hamid
  • Faculty Member of Textile Design
  • 08 Lecturer: Mr. Satia Anand
  • Faculty Member of Interior Design
  • 09 Lecturer:  Mr. Imtiaz Hussain
  • Faculty Member of Media Science
  • 10 Mr. Ayaz Ahmed (Director Academics)
  • Member
  • 11 Ms. Sheema Haider Director (QEC IU)
  • Member
  • 12 Mr. Faisal Amin (Director Admin)
  • Member