Vision :

The Department of Education is envisioned to train and develop promising students and in-service teachers from various backgrounds and enables them to become competent, caring and conscious teachers thereby; meeting the socio-economic needs of the society by imparting quality education.

Mission Statement :

Our mission is to promote excellence in teaching and research. The program’s contents have been derived from the latest research theories based on best practices and the program is designed to meet the emerging issues, promote ethical values and social responsibility and last but not the least; to anticipate the future trends and issues of Educational Management

Objectives :

    To prepare the teachers so they can pursue professional careers in the best possible manner..

    To promote the knowledge of a subject matter by utilizing modern teaching approaches.

    To increase the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) of the teachers through practical activities including; teaching practices,
     assignments, class presentations, role play, etc.

    To highlight the significance of education in everyday’s life thereby; transforming future generations into civilized citizens.

    To broaden the horizons of the students; panel discussions, seminars, workshops are arranged regularly.

Message by Dean :

At Indus University, all we want is to improve and prosper our learning and development — from birth to old age, from classrooms to workplaces, in families and communities. We are proud that our faculty’s cutting-edge research is developing new ideas and techniques to learning that are in sync with the new developments in the 21st century. The disproportionate levels in educational development today that troubles our society are the challenges that we seek to address. We, at Indus, work towards setting benchmarks to quality education by raising the teaching standards in underserved schools and ensuring access to quality education and health services.

Name : Dr. Aysha Ishrat Rizvi
Designation : Associate Professor/ Acting Dean
Qualification : PhD (Islamic Studies - UoK)
Email :

Dr. Aisha Ishrat Rizvi is Associate Professor. She holds PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Karachi. Dr. Rizvi teaches Islamic Sharia and Islamic laws.

Name : Dr. Fozia Parveen
Designation : Assistant Professor
Email :

Dr. Fozia has completed her PhD in Urdu from Karachi University. She is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Education Department at Indus University.

Name : Mrs. Naila Ayaz
Designation : Lecturer
Email :

Ms. Naila is currently working as Lecturer in Department of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Indus University. She has acquired her academic credentials for B.A, M.A in (I R) B.Ed, M.Ed. She has worked as a senior teacher in MPS. She has also achieved certificate in the courses of computers and Language.

Name :Ms, Sadaf Ealia Akram
Designation : Lecturer
Email :

Ms. Sadaf Ealia Akram is currently working as Lecturer in Department of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences, Indus University, Karachi). She has acquired her academic credentials for B.Sc, B.Ed and M.Ed. Her areas of interests are teaching education, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Being a teacher, she has participated as a trainer in various workshops like Nourishing Creativity in students to achieve their goals in life and Classroom Management dealing with disruptive behaviors in classroom. She has developed research projects of electricity and Magnetism in Indus University.

Name : Ms, Ishrat Bano
Designation : Lecturer
Email :

Ms. Ishrat is currently working as an Assistant Lecturer in Department Of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Indus University. She has acquired her academic credentials for BS (Chemistry), B.Ed, and M.Ed. Her areas of interest are Education Management, Curriculum Development, Measurement and Evaluation, teaching Biology, Chemistry. She has also attended a number of sessions of workshop on Teachers Development, School Leadership and Management at Indus University. She has also attended online workshop—“How to Write Research Proposal”. She has done her thesis on “Alpha-Halogenations of Carbonyl Compounds”.