PERN Facilities

PERN Facilities

Pakistan Education & Research Network(PERN) is the only research and education network of Pakistan The network has grownencouragingly and as long as valuable services, like high-speed internet, audio/video conferencing, and access to digital library resources, in this connection worthy Vice-Chancellor & Indus University Management takes necessary steps to meet state of the Art and most advanced network and fulfill the requirements to standardize the Indus university with H.E.C requirements and facilitate the Research Associates/ students/ faculties, management initiate a Service agreement with PERN, and PERN recognized Indus University as Partner Organization and provide access to Digital Library under service plan P1, with Network consultancy & technical support and they will provide 16 MBs of Internet Bandwidth and video conferencing facility in near future.

I.T Department/Help Desk as required by PERN Service Agreement


  • Centralized technology support.
  • Software support for a variety of Windows operating systems and applications.
  • Manufacturer authorized warranty and non-warranty hardware repair.
  • Assistance with IU login name and Kerberos password.

The IT Department provides centralized technology support (software, hardware, and account services) to the Indus University community via phone, email, and our walk-in locations also IT Department is a centralized resource with phone, email and in-person support, and extensive hours designed to meet the technology support needs of the University, With seven computer laboratories, there are more than 250+ branded workstations, each being fully equipped with Intel's processors. All the laboratories are interconnected with Institute's Local Area Network (LAN) and Wi-Fi connectivity. University Labs remain open round the clock seven days a week with support persons. Network Laser printing, scanning, CD/DVD writing and multimedia applications supports are available in labs.Well-trained and qualified IT staff is available to solve immediately troubleshooting or any other problem in computer labs.

Internally, the university has anextensive and wide-ranging pool of computing resources, working and adding to the high speed Internet facility andUniversitywill be able to Download / upload link of 16 Mbps Via HEC-PERN connectivity in near future.