The Executive Development Center aims to provide learning opportunities through indulging in extensive training programs, public speaking sessions and seminars for students, faculty and management. It facilitates students and alumni in their career path and job placement by creating connectivity and bridge between Academia and Corporate world. It is responsible for career guidance, mentoring and facilitation, organizing corporate events along with society establishment and development among students.

S.N Guest Name Topic Name Link
01 Dr Natasha/ Khurram Latif  Stress Management
02 Hassan Farooq Ali  Art and Science of communication
03 Naveed Zafar  Corporate market and Academia Expectations
04 Rafay Qandhari  Journey of a Philanthropist
05 Sana Rehman  Time Managment
06 Zain Goplani  Leveraging Career through Social Media
07 Salman Amin Entrepreneurial Spirit
08 Ali zaib Respect for teachers and downfall of students
09 Ahmed Khan Importance of Foreign Language
10 Abdul Ahad Desi People living abroad
11 Aashir Wajahat How corona has affected media Industry
12 Quatiba Mehmood Importance of formal education in the world of social media  Please take the link from Facebook Page 
13 Sardar Mohsin Khan  Education During COVID 19
14 Hassan Kilde Bajwa Adapting to a future of gender equality
15 Mush Punjwani Happiness and Positivity
16 Rizwan Ahmed COVID 19 and its impact across the globe
17 Ayla Adnan   Journey of a Philanthropist
18 Asad Umer Importance of Sports
19 Natalia Gul  Art and spirituallity
20 Faizan Pasha Making online teaching easy
21 Sania Nauman Youth as responsible citizen
22 Jarar Hashmi  Educationist
23 Lenny Massey Stay positive and good things will happen, world of art
24 Sunny Ali E-Commerce and Amazaon
25 Saqib Azhar   Learn the art of making passive income
26 Usama Khan Ghauri Art and Talent of Pakistan Please take the link from Facebook Page 
27 Salman Pareekh  Social Media
28 Asad Hashamali  How hardwork is underrated
29 Amtul Bajwa  Travelling
30 Hifza Khan  Philanthropist
31 Danish Jalbani Five Pillars of Entrepreneurship
32 Faris Khalid  Fitness Facts and Fallacies
33 Doctor Asad  Importance of Digital Content
34 Abbas Ali  How to become high performance individual
35 Amjad Ali  Life style of todays youth
36 Sohail Ahmed  CEO, Footwear  Please take the link from Facebook Page 
37 Asad, Safa, Siraj and Sidra A Conversation with Alumni
38 Ayaz, Daniyal, Sheena and Hammad A Conversation with Alumni
39 Ayaz Ahmed A Conversation with Ayaz Ahmed
40 Rebecca Heiss International Motivational Speaker
41 Ehsan Khan  Educationist/ Lecturer  Please take the link from Facebook Page