Indus University follows course based system, and have three semesters (Summer, Fall and Spring) in a year, each of 20 weeks duration including four weeks of examinations and results.

Paper Setting

Examination Schedule

Assesment of Scripts

Assesment /Midterm, Quizzes & Assignments

The students are facilitated in the following way

All examinations shall be conducted on the scheduled dates. No make up for quiz / test / mid-term / Hourly or final examination will be arranged

Promotion Policy

Upon declaration of Final Examination results, students who do not pass three or more than 3 courses offered during the module (semester) shall not be allow to take full load of 18 credit hours, such student(s) may be restricted up to 9 to 12 credit hours (depend upon the last performance of the student).Such student(s) shall have to register in the immediate next semester in the failed courses and pass the same with good academic standing along with new courses of running semester

Withdrawl From The University

A student who wishes to withdraw from the academic program for a semester or leave the University must indicate to the Registrar’s Office. If the student wishes to have a transcript showing the academic courses completed up to the date of withdrawal, he or she must fill out a Transcript Request form and pay the applicable fee. Transcripts, grade reports or other official documents will be released to the student only after all financial obligations have been met.

Compilation of Results

Final Transcript

Course –Pre Requisted

Student shall not be enroller/registered in certain advance courses unless they have passed the pre-requisite courses prescribed by the University.

Grade Appeals

Students have the right to appeal their final grade in a course by using the following Grade Appeal Procedure


Taking words, ideas, figure or material from other sources and presenting them as own’s one without acknowledging of the source, any failure to accurately and completely document all uses of source materials in an academic exercise like project, assignment or Research work constitutes plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Degree Issuance

Assesment Criteria (Normal Distribution)

Quizzes 05
Assignment Project 10
total 15
Test –I 05
Test -II 05
total 10
Mid Term 25
Sub Total 50%
Finals 100%
Total for the Semester 100%