Study Plan: MS Computer Science

Sr# Course ID Course Name Cr. Hr
1 CS 5xx Core Course – I 3
2 CS 5xx Core Course – II 3
3 CS 5xx Core Course – III 3
4 CS 5xx Core Course – IV 3
5 CS 5xx Elective – I 3
6 CS 5xx Elective – II 3
7 SS 3xx Research Methodology 3
8 CS 5xx Elective – III 3
9 CS 5xx MS Thesis-I OR  Elective 3
10 CS 5xx Elective-IV 3
11 CS 5xx MS Thesis-II OR Elective OR MS Project 3
List Elective Courses
Advanced Algorithm Analysis
Advanced Formal Methods
Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
Advanced Requirements Engineering
Advanced Software Project Management
Advanced Software System Architecture
Advanced Topics in Applied Cryptography
Agent Based Modeling
Agile Software Development
Applied Cryptography
Big Data Analytics
Complex Networks
Component Based Software Engineering
Database Security
Deep Learning
Distributed Data Processing
Empirical Software Engineering
Information Privacy and Security
Machine Learning
Management & Organizational Behavior
Natural Language Processing
Quantum Computing and Information security
Quantum Cryptography
Reliability Engineering
Requirements Engineering
Research Methodology
Research Methods
Securing the Internet of Things
Security Management
Security Testing
Software Configuration Management
Software Measurement and Metrics
Software Process Management & Metrics
Software Project Management
Software Quality Assurance
Software Risk Management
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Statistical and Mathematical Methods For Data Science
Tools and Techniques in Data Science
Trusted Computing
Wireless Security
Advanced DBMS
Advanced Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems 
Agent Oriented Software Engineering
Automated Reasoning
Cloud Computing
Computational Grid
Computer Vision
Data Grids
Data Mining
Data Warehousing
Design of Intelligent Systems
Formal Methods
Functional Programming
Genetic Algorithms
Graphical User Interfaces
Information Retrieval Techniques
Intelligent User Interfaces
Interactive-Systems Development
Knowledge based systems
Logic Programming
Model based Verification
Multimedia Systems Development
Neural Networks
Programming Language Design
Programming Language Semantics
Programming Paradigms
Rich Internet Applications
Semantic Web
Software Design
Software Engineering and Formal Specifications
Software Maintenance
Software Process Improvement
Software Quality Engineering
Spatial and Temporal Databases
Symbolic Computation
Text Mining