It is tantamount to utter this reality that today’s age is the era of globalization and its sole purpose is to provide organizations with a superior competitive position with lower operating costs and to gain greater numbers of products, services, and consumers. Moreover, the knowledge economy has emphasized the need for research work, innovation, commercialization, and the establishment of incubation centers in universities at the national and international levels in order to bridge the gap between industry-academia and their traditional roles as collaborators. Top-ranked universities around the globe are steering strategic partnerships and have adhered to the inclination of industry-academia collaboration in order to perform efficiently and effectively by investing their resources and refining the competitiveness of the industries and universities on all fronts.

Keeping in view of the above-mentioned cogent reasons, industry-academia linkages with particular attention to conceptualizations for future investigations in order to become accustomed to the inclination research for making it a top priority for sustainable economic growth and future knowledge economy. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to mention here that in order to transform the dreams into reality, Indus University, Karachi is planning to initiate to come with sustainable solutions, contrivances, and innovation and commercialization by establishing a high-quality conducive learning platform or center i.e. Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization – ORIC at Indus University Karachi which is supported with hi-tech office equipment and modernized systems for the development of industry-academia linkages to produce globally quality products, and for all others including i.e. students, researchers, policymakers, government agencies, and global institutions with a vision to make a top-ranked university in the country.

The mission of ORIC is guided by HEC is “reviving and transforming Pakistani universities to bring about impact modernization, research application and strengthen the concept of commercialization & entrepreneurship”. The ORIC’s vision is to enable and lead Pakistan’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy dependent on research and development and innovation and commercialization.

The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization has been established to link research and commercialization from Indus University with emerging and existing firms across Pakistan and around the world. Like an umbrella, ORIC will work closely with the researchers and on-campus Incubators. The ORIC office also serves as a channel for local, regional, and federal partners to ensure research results aid the growth of Pakistan’s economy. ORIC will develop its mechanism for research commercialization and will establish a Business/Technology Incubator to work closely for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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