Aim and Purpose of ORIC

The research & development and innovation activities of ORIC are designed to:

  • As per HEC policies and procedures, Indus University Karachi has taken initiative of transforming Indus University Karachi to produce globally competitive products at the larger scale through research and development, innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship.
  • From the ORIC Office at Indus University, to facilitate and lead Pakistan’s transformation to a knowledge-based economy dependent upon innovation and commercialization.
  • To connect the research, innovation and commercialization from Indus University Karachi with potential firms across Pakistan and around the world.
  • To boost work thoroughly with the researchers and on campus Incubators and outside enterprises.
  • To work on commercialization of research and helping startups to incubate, foster, create new jobs, products, services, markets, execute innovation and financial sponsorships.

Main Objectives

The main objectives of ORIC consist of:

  • Campaign and endeavoring for financial grants and fund raising in order to carry out research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide information to faculty about various available research grants.
  • Build and maintain smooth connection faculty and students with relevant industry.
  • Help and guide on patent filing and licensing.
  • Interaction between faculty and the commercial sector.
  • Work with patent counsel to assess penetrability/licensing.