What we do - Our approach to do the right things and make things right through research and development

In recent millennium of research excellence, innovation and commercialization through research & development the knowledge economy has emphasized the need for research work, innovation, commercialization, and the establishment of incubation centers in universities at the national and international levels in order to bridge the gap between industry-academia and their traditional roles as collaborators. Top-ranked universities around the globe are steering strategic partnerships and have adhered to the inclination of industry-academia collaboration in order to perform efficiently and effectively by investing their resources and refining the competitiveness of the industries and universities on all fronts.

Keeping in view of these challenges, the Office of the Research, Innovation and Commercialization has been initiated at Indus University, Karachi.

The ORIC office also serves as a compass and mode of exchanging ideas and experience of research work, publications and due support to local, regional and federal cohorts to ensure research results aid the growth of Pakistan’s economy.